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Chu Chu Colouring

Christmas Holiday 8'x4' Life-Size Mural for Events

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Give your guests something truly unique this holiday season with a Life-Size Colouring Mural full of custom drawn imagery by me, Serena Chu!

These 8'x4' murals are ideal for company parties and events, they are highly interactive and encourages collaboration and creativity.  The mural has high visibility from a distance, it instantly attracts a crowd and makes everyone smile!

This holiday mural is designed for anyone to participate, doubles as a fabulous photo backdrop and is very popular for social media.

- 8'x4' matte vinyl mural with over 30 unique Christmas/Holiday drawings
- Your Company Logo or Text will be digitally edited and included in the centre
- High quality artisan duo tip markers in 24 colours
- Free delivery in the Vancouver area

100% Custom Murals
Although these stock murals are a fantastic option, I also offer design services to design your mural with 100% custom drawings.  This is a popular option for companies and events that want to incorporate branding throughout the mural, think product placement, slogans, symbols and even inside jokes!

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