Call in the troops!

Call in the troops!

When you expand your studio with extra space and add a kiln, you need to call in favours to make another student table and clean up old kiln shelves!

I have a lovely friend who has an amazing workshop where we can woodwork, weld, fix cars and anything else I can think of!  We have great bonding moments when working on my projects and he has so many fun power tools for me to use.  These days are always followed by a great meal so it's always an all-round good time.

Joining us today is my new beau who very graciously took on the task of grinding down glaze spots on eight half kiln shelves.  It was certainly the messiest job that day!

The new student table was based off a blueprint we designed from two years prior so it was quick work compared to the first time!

The original tables in a very empty studio from when I first moved in to this space.  we are very pleased with ourselves 🤣. I must say I am very luck to have such helpful and fun people in my life.