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    Features Vancouver, Chinatown, West End and Canada, mural designs.

    - Huge variety of tees, sweatshirts, tanks, bags and accessories

    - Select your style, fabric colour and size

    - Special all-over (Cut & Sew) prints exclusive to this site.

    Shipped from the US, made to order and shipped to your address.


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    Features Vancouver, Chinatown, West End and Canada Mural designs in a centered collage.

    - Variety of tee and sweatshirts

    - Select yoru style, fabric colour and size

    Shipped from Canada, made to order and shipped to your address.


The Whys

Kick back to your childhood and include a custom giant colouring book style mural for your next event! I'll help you design all your favourite things in a life-size banner for you and your attendees to colour in.

These Life-Size Colouring Murals are stunning from far and draws in a crowd up close. The interactive nature creates positive vibes and puts a smile on everyone's faces.

Key Features:

- All images are unique with a combination of hand drawing and digital editing

- Murals can be almost any size, the standard is 8'x4'

- Promote your business at events including your logo and branding

- Fully accessible and fun for all ages

- A great keepsake for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations

- Includes high quality artist markers in a variety of colours

The Specifics

So you want a Life-Size Colouring Mural? I work closely with clients to manage the design process, printing and delivery.


Each mural is so unique that the quote is dependent on these factors:

1. How many unique images are required (base includes 20 images)

2. Size of colouring mural (can be almost any size from picture frames to a wall)

3. Material of mural (standard is durable matte vinyl)

4. Delivery location or shipping

How long does it take?:

This varies depending on the size of the finished colouring mural, how many unique drawings are included and the revision process.

For an 8'x4' size, I average about 5-6 weeks for the design process depending on the complexity and how many projects I have on the go. (Please note that shipping is an extra 2 weeks on top of the design process)

What's Included:

- Custom designed images*

- Consultation and creative brief of overall "look and feel" of images and layout

- Fully printed Life-Sized Colouring Mural in your choice of material

- High quality artist markers in a variety of colours

*this includes almost all imagery except portraits of faces incur a surcharge

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Event Photos

Check out the live shots of past Live-Size Colouring Murals I've created!

I have worked with companies such as FreshTracks, Mobi Bikes, Granville Island Brewery, West End BIA, Create! Arts Festival and Downtown Vancouver BIA, Herschel and OceanWise.

The Who

My name is Serena and I am a visual artist with a BFA in mural and installation sculptures from York University.

I love community building and my goal is to always provide an accessible space for communal creativity. The best part for me, is the laughter and story telling as we create art together. After all, Art Makes You Happy!

With a professional background in graphic design and project management, you're in good hands. I'll guide you through the process and you'll see our collaborative ideas come to life.