Terms and Conditions

Note: I get it, no one wants to read these long Terms and Conditions but pretty please with a cherry on top, pay special attention to the Important Class Information to avoid any surprises so we can have a pleasant and fun class together! – Chu Chu Classes

Important Class Information

  1. Our classes are designed for 18+, you may request to bring a minor by contacting classes@chuchu.ca but it is up to the instructor’s discretion to allow the minor to take the class or not.  Please note that any minor must be accompanied by an adult that is also taking the class.
  2. We do not allow spectators in the classroom or a non-participating person to accompany another student, you must be a paying student to attend a workshop.
  3. We allow registered students (pre-scheduled classes and private) to cancel up to 5 days before the start of their class with no penalty.
  4. If you cancel under 5 days, refunds or re-booking is not available. In some special cases there is a cancellation fee in order to re-book a cancelled class, please contact us at classes@chuchu.ca for further instructions.
  5. Classes only run if there are at least 4 participants enrolled.
  6. Communication via e-mail is mandatory. Please ensure that you allow classes@chuchu.ca in your inbox so emails do not land in your spam folder.
  7. Groupon students must bring GST in cash (exact change) to the class. The exact amount will be sent to you in the reminder email a few days before your class
  8. Some classes will require you to bring a material’s fee. Please check your class description and bring this in cash (exact change).
  9. Painting Classes – You must bring your painting home the same day, a drip tray will be provided for you as the paintings will not be dry. Please make arrangements for transportation, we will not store them for you at the studio.
  10. Students are required to arrive at their class 10-15 minutes early for registration (no earlier). Failure to do so may result in no admittance as we start the class sharply on time
  11. You will be automatically opted in to our newsletter when booking a class, you will have options to opt out after.
  12. We are following strict COVID-19 prevention protocol, by booking a class you agree to adhere to our safety plan.

Terms and Conditions

Studio Policies & Conduct 

Chu Chu Classes is a privately owned business and has the right to terminate any student’s participation in any classes, without a refund, should the student, student’s parents or guardians or family members or any other relevant parties associated with the student not respect or uphold our studio practices and policies.

  • These policies pertain to students (private or group classes).
  • We are fun, encouraging, and uplifting in our speech. Excessive negativity, hate-speech, inflammatory political agendas, volatile social debates, inflammatory topics, identity politics, disrespectful ways of discussion or racial or religious hate groups will not be tolerated by Chu Chu Classes.
  • We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for bullying or harassment of any kind. Students who display such behaviour will be immediately required to leave.
  • Students are required to not act disruptive or disrespectful to each other or the instructor.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for drug use or substance abuse of any kind (this includes, but is not limited to the use of marijuana).
  • People’s personal lives are none of our / your business – we absolutely require a neutral, professional approach and mutual respect in this regard inside the classroom – we do not allow inappropriate interpersonal displays of affection or displays or discussions of personal problems or situations in the classroom in ways that may make anyone uncomfortable.
  • All students are to be respectful of the property of the landlord, instructor and other artists or tenants. The classroom space part of a larger building with other occupants. We do not remove or use things that do not belong to us nor wander into spaces not allocated for our usage. No tampering with other artists’ work or belongings will be tolerated.
  • We expect a teachable and humble attitude from students. A student who doesn’t pay attention and refuses to do as instructed cannot produce good work.
  • No instructor (or any other third party) can be held liable for any injury, loss or theft sustained on the premises by any other third party for any reason at any time.