FAQ for Classes


Have some questions about classes?  Take a look at our faq below to find your answers!

Take a look at the class calendar at the bottom of the classes page and find the workshop you want to attend.  The top of the calendar has quick instructions on how to register.  There is also two handy dandy links to help you register step by step depending on if you are registering directly or have already purchased a Groupon .

My studio is located at 1630 Pandora Street near Commercial Drive and Powell Street.  The building houses several independent artists in painting, music, woodworking and more.  The studio is an active workspace that converts from ceramic production, mural design and assembly of jewellery and DIY creative art kits.  The classroom is set up in the same space so you can experience being in a live active art studio!

Classes are displayed only 4-5 weeks in advance, please check back for more future classes.  In some cases, classes are only featured on a rotating monthly basis but private classes are always available.

The weekends are reserved for private classes only (do not apply to Groupon students), special events for colouring murals and is also my day(s) off.

Yes, if you would like to book a private class, you may request a date and time for a specific class.  You will then be given a quote depending on how many people are attending.

Unfortunately you may not set the time and date of a class if you have purchased a Groupon as these are group classes that are pre-scheduled.

Chu Chu classes are designed for 18+ only, you may request to bring a minor by contacting classes@chuchu.ca.  Please note that is up to the instructor’s discretion to allow any minors and they must be accompanied by an adult that is also taking the class.

No, spectators are not allowed in the classroom, you must be a paying student to attend a workshop.

You may use your Groupon voucher to book a class that is past your expiry date but the reservation must be done prior to it being expired.  Please note that our 5 day cancellation policy is void if you end up booking a class with an expired voucher, this means no refund or re-booking will be issued if you do not show up for the class for any reason.

If you can not book a class prior to the expiry, Groupon policy states that you must pay the difference for the original price of the class in order to register.

Pre-scheduled Group Classes
You may cancel your registration with no penalty 5 days before the start of your class.  Re-booking and refunds will be available at no additional charge.

If you cancel under 5 days for the pre-scheduled group classes, refunds or re-booking are not available regardless of the reason.                         

Private Classes

You may cancel your registration without a class fee penalty 5 days before the start of your class.  Re-booking will be available at no additional charge.  If you request a refund and your private class requires specialty materials or prep, only a 50% refund will be issued for the material fee.

If you cancel under 5 days for your private class, refunds or re-booking are not available regardless of the reason.

No Shows

We are unable to provide make-up opportunities or provide refunds for missed classes due to personal scheduling conflicts with no notification of cancellation.

 Instructor Class Cancellation

Should your class be cancelled due to low enrolment or because the instructor is unable to teach the workshop, you will be notified and you will have the option to re-book or request a refund.

Please note as we are a small business, all students are subject to our cancellation policy.  Should your schedule change and you are no longer able to attend a class and/or workshop, we would love to welcome another attendee or guest on your behalf.

We do not offer re-booking or refunds after the 5 day cancellation policy due to any illness, personal schedule change, weather, work obligations, transportation issues or emergencies.

In some very special cases there is a late-cancellation fee in order to re-book a class that was cancelled late. Please contact us at classes@chuchu.ca for more information.

We often have very full classes and it takes a lot of time to process each person if everyone needs change or needs to use the machine.  Bringing exact change makes the sign in much speedier and allows us to start the class on time!

If require to pay the material's fee with a credit or debit card, there will be a $2 service fee applied.

Students need time to get settled, sanitize their hands, sign in and pay any fees necessary.  Coming a bit early ensures that we start the class on time.

No, the door will be locked until 15 minutes before the start of class.  This is to ensure previous classes can finish up, sanitization can be done or set up can be completed.

Generally you will be not allowed admittance as demos for all classes start right at the beginning of class and you will be unable to catch up nor can the instructor repeat it for late comers.

Yes!  There is plenty of free street parking in the neighbourhood, please read the parking restriction signs.

Yes, we have a hallway where you can leave your bike outside our studio space, however this is at your own discretion as we are not liable for your mode of transportation.  There are also some sign post poles outside the studio on the street and a MobiBikes dock on Commercial Drive.

Some of our classes are standing only and some we sit.  If you require a chair and are unsure if the class you’re attending is sitting or standing, please email us and we can try and make arrangements.  Our studio is not rated as wheelchair accessible (5′ radius) but there is a chance we could accommodate, please email us for more information.

Yes there is!

We do not have room to store any paintings at the studio, drip trays are provided for you to take your paintings home with you and we recommend you bring an umbrella if it is raining to help with transporting to your vehicle.

Pottery is ready to pick up in 2-4 weeks as we wait for the kiln to be full from all classes before firing. You will be notified by email when it is available for pick up.

If you have any questions, please contact us at classes@chuchu.ca