Chu Chu

Hi there! My name is Serena and I am a visual artist originally from Toronto with a BFA in mural painting and installation sculpture from York University.

The ceramics you see here are all handmade by me in my studio located in Vancouver, BC.

I've always loved to work with different media throughout the years and I can't believe it took me this long to work with clay!

With a background in graphic design and fine arts, I take my inspiration from the gorgeous mountain landscape around me, street style, fashion and interior design trends.

There's nothing more satisfying than rolling up my sleeves and getting super messy. Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist among the chaos and out comes something I quite love.

I intentionally design my pottery to play with contrast. Black and white, smooth versus textured, shiny and should feel nice in your hands and on your table!

Teaching is also a huge passion of mine. I love creating a space that is inviting to all walks of life, demonstrating that anyone can be creative and doing it all with laughter and story sharing. My workshops are designed to be super fun, engaging and of course to create something wonderful. Art connects people and makes you happy!

By trade I am graphic and web designer that moonlights as an artist in my spare time.

Brand Specialist | Ceramicist | Painting | Knit & Crochet | Jewellery Design | Fluevog Lover


Chu Chu’s ceramics is predominately a mix of porcelain and stoneware.  It is microwave and dishwasher safe, however it is advised to hand wash to avoid chips.  To prevent thermal shock, we recommend warming your dishes with hot tap water before putting in boiling liquids. The clay and glazes used are food safe.


“I fell in love with pottery as soon as I got my hands on it.  In university I dabbled a lot in sculpture so I was instantly familiar with shape and forming within a three dimensional media.  What’s great about it is that people actually use it, potentially daily so you feel like you’re bringing a smile to their morning coffee or dinner party.  Working with clay is unique as a lot of it is based on feeling with your hands and not necessarily just visual sight.  I love experimenting with different techniques and laughing at all the failures.  Currently I’m obsessed with black and white themes because it seems so clean and versatile.  Plus it makes food look amazing!”
– Serena Chu


To everyone that has helped me at holiday markets with setup, take down and selling, those that were stand in models, tech savvy individuals helping with my website, and ones that press like on Instagram or Facebook….thank you for supporting Chu Chu while I add on more work to my evenings and weekends!