Chu Chu

Hi there! My name is Serena and I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist originally from Toronto with a BFA in mural painting and installation sculpture
from York University.

I work out of my studio in East Van creating ceramics, designing murals and teaching art classes.

From 2020 to the present, I am pushing to put a strong focus on community building through my colouring murals and creative art workshops.

There is a huge need for positive and fun human interaction and it brings me great joy to facilitate that for my students and clients.

With my ceramics, I love playing with contrast, black versus white, glossy versus matte, smooth versus textured, they should also feel nice in your hands!

By trade I am graphic and web designer that moonlights as an artist in my spare time.

Brand Specialist | Ceramicist | Mural and Digital Artist | Teacher | Fluevog Lover



"I often get asked if I ever sleep with all the projects I have on the go, and the answer is yes! I love my sleep! I'm forever creating things with clay, experimenting with new media and generally trying to dabble in as many disciplines as possible. These past couple of years I've really started focusing on community building as I get great energy from spreading joy through art. Whether that be from someone sipping their morning coffee from one of my tumblers, teaching a class full of laughing students with story swapping or making giant colouring murals and watching everyone turn into a kid again as they colour it in. Art makes you happy."
– Serena Chu


To everyone that has helped me at markets with setup, take down and selling, those that were stand in models, tech savvy individuals helping with my website, and ones that press like on Instagram or Facebook….thank you for supporting Chu Chu.