Chu Chu Family Mural

Chu Chu Family Mural

This Christmas I designed a mural specially for my fam bam!  It was great fun coming up with all the images that would relate to each person.

My family is extremely diverse, coming from a multitude of cultures which always makes our get togethers super fun and our meals extra tasty.

We fusion our Christmas dinner, with traditional turkey but with chinese sticky rice and a side of my Goan uncle's mom's pilau rice.  My parents bring an asian mixed fruit shortcake and my sister makes a pile of Christmas cookies.

The mural represents all of us, some inside jokes from our childhood, foods that we love to eat, symbolism of our different cultures, portraits of our pets, memoirs of our grandma, I tried to capture a little bit of everyone!

I love seeing everyone jammed in to colour together, it was some serious business and even though we only have one official kid at 3 years old, it was hard to pry away some of the adults :)

I hope to do more of this kind of mural, projects that inject some meaning and togetherness, something that everyone can enjoy and participate in!