Create! Art Festival X Chu Chu Colouring

Create! Art Festival X Chu Chu Colouring

A mural design that is pretty dear to my heart, celebrating my Chinese heritage by paying tribute to Chinatown in my drawings!

Organized by the Eastside Culture Crawl, this year on top of the outdoor workshops they curate, they also invited artists who had interactive art pieces to join.

Stir Magazine called to interview me and wrote a nice article you can read here

From my red pockets, luck cats, iconic Chinatown landmarks, dim sum and everything in between, it was so nice to see everyone relate no matter what their background was.

I had a lot of people organically start conversations with me and story-tell about their family background.  It was such a nice interactive community bonding experience with loads of happy faces and photos being taken!

The best part is that I get to keep the finished piece although I'll have to figure out a large enough wall to display it! 😅