Fairchild Radio Interview

Fairchild Radio Interview

I met Celina from Fairchild radio at the Create! Art Festival in the summer and when she approached my Chinatown themed colouring mural, she was so engaging to speak to.

Turns out she wanted to conduct an interview with me about my art and business, turns out this was a perfect fit considering I am Canadian Chinese myself.

My Cantonese is quite shabby spoken but I can understand conversational chinese alright.  She was very kind to translate into English both her questions and my answers so I could speak freely.

It's quite lovely when I meet someone so enthusiastic and just "gets" why I want to bring art in a fun way to the community.  She asked many questions during the interview and outside of it just to get to know me, my background and what my business model is.

It was a pleasure doing the interview and my Chinese speaking relatives were able to listen in as well.