Granville Promenade X Chu Chu Colouring

Granville Promenade X Chu Chu Colouring

Normally my summers are fairly chill, lots of bbqing, beach days and fewer classes as people are out and about enjoying the weather.

This year has proven to be much busier as street festivals and events have all come back in full force this summer!

I was contacted by Downtown Vancouver BIA to create a mural that represented Granville Street and fun summer food for four weekend dates.

I did some photo scouting ahead of time and really love all the neon signs so you'll see The Vogue, Orpheum, The Roxy, Commodore and more on this mural.

I'm really quite tickled when people jam in there and make their mark on the mural.  Lots of people were taking the opportunity to take photos as it makes a fantastic backdrop.

I worked with my client's event planner and was able to incorporate some of their graphics they were using for the marketing of the festival.

And since there were four murals, a fresh one for each day, each one turned out different depending on the crowd that was there.

The one above was one of my favourite, people took the time to be extra creative in the sun rays and make fun patterns.