How To Register

You may register through a product page or by using the class calendar at the bottom of our Classes page.  

Our online scheduler is an automated secure system that allows you to see all available classes and register for any date.

You can access our class calendar here.

  1.  Click on a class to access the description and price.

2.  Click “New Reservation”.

Enter your credentials.  (If you are using a Groupon Voucher, follow these directions to ensure you are using your voucher as payment.)  Click on “Create Reservation”

3.  You will be directed to our Terms & Conditions page, please read it through and click “I agree” at the bottom and press Submit.

4.  You will be directed to the Paypal page where you can pay for your class through your own Paypal account or credit card.

5.  You may login to your PayPal account or pay with your credit or Visa Debit card without logging in to an account.

5.  Once your payment has gone through you will receive a confirmation email for the class you are registered in and a PayPal receipt.

If you have any questions or problems with our online scheduler, please contact us at