Response to COVID-19


Have some questions about classes?  Take a look at our faq below to find your answers!

Our building consists of several artists in their own private spaces.  At Chu Chu Classes, we sanitize our space often and after every class including frequently touched surfaces.

As of September 13 2021, we are following all orders from the BC Health Authority.  We have been advised to make masks mandatory and maintain our COVID-19 safety.

a.  We have drastically reduced our class sizes operating at the third of our usual capacity.

b.  Before entering the studio: It is MANDATORY for all students who want to attend to have their temperature taken at the door (contactless), bring and wear a mask upon entry and the entire time they are in the workshop, sanitize and wash their hands once belongings are put away and complete a health check survey.

c.  All personal belongings (phones included turned to silent) must be left in the dedicated storage area for students at the front door, you will not be allowed to go retrieve anything once everyone has washed their hands.

d.  We encourage every to avoid touching their masks, the instructor may ask you use sanitizer if you do by accident.


We try to place students in their own groups beside each other and have at least one space in between different groups if possible.  We are currently operating at half of our usual capacity to allow for more room.  Although we can not guarantee social distancing the entire time, we do try as much as possible.  Some materials and equipment may be shared in class, this is why we ask everyone to wear masks and wash their hands.  If you require guaranteed social distancing, we advise you to book a private class for your own group (not applicable to Groupon students).

You may use your Groupon voucher to book a class that is past your expiry date but the reservation must be done prior to it being expired. Please note that our 48 cancellation policy is void if you end up booking a class with an expired voucher, this means no refund or re-booking will be issued if you do not show up for the class for any reason.

If you have a Groupon voucher that is already expired, we are extending expired vouchers that were purchased in 2020 up until June 2021 and your booking must be made by the end of 2021. In 2022, we will no longer be accepting expired vouchers, as per Groupon policy, you will have to pay the difference of the regular price of the class when booking with an expired voucher.

We are taking all possible precautions while teaching these small classes but it is up to you to assess the risk factor you are comfortable with.

We understand that everyone has different comfort levels while dealing with this pandemic. If you have a Groupon voucher, we recommend you request a refund from them and purchase from us when you are comfortable attending a class in the future.

Our cancellation policy is 48 hours for group classes and 5 days for private classes, you can read our full list of standard faqs here.