Response to COVID-19


The health and safety of our students is important to us and measures have been put into place so everyone can feel comfortable in our space.

Our building consists of several artists in their own private spaces.  At Chu Chu Classes, we sanitize our space often and after every class including frequently touched surfaces.

As of April 8, 2022, we are following all orders from the BC Health Authority.  We have been advised to allow for optional masks and maintain our sanitization routine.

a.  Masks are optional, all students must be respectful of others regardless if they are wearing a mask or not.  We provide a safe space for all, anyone not following our rules of conduct will be asked to leave.

b. Students may not attend a class if they are displaying any cold symptoms.

c.  The instructor has the right to refuse entry to anyone that does not follow our Terms and Conditions.


We try and space students out enough so there is enough room to work, however we are not required to provide social distancing.

If you require guaranteed social distancing or mandatory mask wearing, we would happily accommodate and advise you to book a private class for your own group (not applicable to Groupon students).

You may use your Groupon voucher to book a class that is past your expiry date but the reservation must be done prior to it being expired. Please note that our 5 day cancellation policy is void if you end up booking a class with an expired voucher, this means no refund or re-booking will be issued if you do not show up for the class for any reason.

As per Groupon policy if your voucher has already expired, the promotional value ends but the face value you paid remains.  You will have to pay the difference of the regular price of the class when booking with an expired voucher.  Please contact us at for further instructions.

We are taking all possible precautions while teaching these small classes but it is up to you to assess the risk factor you are comfortable with.

We understand that everyone has different comfort levels while dealing with the concerns of COVID-19.  If you have a Groupon voucher, we recommend you request a refund from them and purchase from us when you are comfortable attending a class in the future.

Our cancellation policy is 5 days in advance for group or private classes regardless of the reason. Private classes that require special materials to be purchased will only receive 50% of the material fee if a refund is requested.  Read our full list of standard faqs here.