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Fluid Pour Painting DIY Art Kit - Stanley Park

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Based off our most popular Intro to Fluid Pour Painting class, we've created a kit that includes everything you'll need to create two full size 11"x14" masterpieces!

Play with marbling, swirling, cell production and discover the world of fluid pour art.

Our Stanley Park palette is inspired by our lush forest in the city featuring yellow, mint green, green, brown and black acrylic paint colours.

2x 11"x14" canvases
1x 8oz fluid pour medium
5x 2oz quality acrylic paint 
1x 1oz silicone oil
10x small cups
2x large cup
10x mixing sticks
Written Instructions
Link to video Tutorial

*sample painting not included


Intro to Fluid Pour Painting Class
If you love our Fluid Pour Painting kit, you'll LOVE our classes!  Our studio in Vancouver has over 18+ acrylic colours to choose from including gold and silver metallics.  Not only will everything be set up for you but we'll demo various techniques on how to apply the paint on your canvas. 

We even have a progression class for Intermediate Fluid Pour Painting should you want to advance to using equipment like hair dryers, compressed air and more.

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