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Chu Chu Ceramics

Wheel Throwing For Two

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*Please contact us at to arrange a date/time before purchasing

Location: Chu Chu Ceramics | 1630 Pandora Street

A private lesson ideal for a "Date" or "Bestie" afternoon or night! Take two wheels for a spin and try your hand at throwing for the first time! Or if you have previous experience, come in and improve your technique with expert one-on-one advice.

If you are a beginner, this workshop is meant to be a taster on wheel throwing, like any art form, it takes lots of practice to master!


$95 per person | 2.5 hours

Includes clay, 2-3 pieces you wish to keep will be trimmed, glazed and fired for you. Class time will include 20-30min of clean up.


Available on weekday afternoons and some evenings, inquire to arrange a date/time!